Entrepreneurship in 3 words

“3 words define it all” – Shabbir Evershine

1) Defy conventional wisdom.
2) Pick founders carefully.
3) Break the rules.
4) Hire generalists early.
5) Hire specialists later.
6) Invest in culture.
7) Avoid tempting distractions.
8) Hire to elevate.
9) Delight customers daily.
10) Foster diverse thinking.
11) Guard your time.
12) Get sufficient sleep.
13) Decide with data.
14) Treat vendors well.
15) Respect your competitors.
16) Face the facts.
17) Celebrate your successes.
18) Ship then test.
19) Avoid stealth mode.
20) Trust your instincts.
21) Keep it real.
22) Always be recruiting.
23) Never accept mediocrity.
24) Forego your ego.
25) Make some memories.
26) Enjoy the ride.
27) Dare to dream.
28) Fire corrosive customers.
29) Walk your talk.
30) Tell great stories.
31) Always be yourself.


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