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Setup of Project Management Office (PMO)


I have been fortunate to setup 24 PMOs globally in the last 10 years. From my first job at HP as a Project Manager about 16+ years ago, to currently leading the Global PMO at Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) — setting up and optimizing PMOs is something I am deeply passionate about.

If you’re thinking of setting up a brand new PMO in your organization, or optimizing (re-calibrating) your current one, I am available on a consultation basis. I have consulted for a variety of companies in the financial, manufacturing, retail, advertising, and government sectors in US, Canada, UK, Philippines, Caribbean, and Middle-East.

Feel free to contact me for your PMO consulting needs:

Shabbir Evershine
shabbir (dot) evershine (at)
Cell: 647.407.5152


10 Critical Steps for Successful Project Portfolio Management

Right now, across all sectors of the economy, organizations are grappling with diminished growth rates, tighter budgets, and intense pressure to manage their investment dollars more effectively. In this atmosphere of regulatory requirements and corporate accountability, organizations struggle to make the best decisions at the right time every day.

Portfolio Management elevates information technology discussion to business terms.

Ten critical success factors will help your organization derive the most value from this strategic management process. These factors all contribute to the effective selection, control, and evaluation of projects under a Project Management doctrine.

  1. Senior management commitment and consensus
  2. Communication of strategic objectives
  3. Strategically aligned investment selection
  4. Institutionalized investment management process
  5. Governance framework aligned with enterprise decision-making
  6. Integrated program/project management discipline
  7. Consistent risk and performance measurement
  8. Portfolio reviews to support investment priority realignment
  9. Effective balance of investments
  10. Strategic focus – transforming strategy into operational excellence

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Role of a Project Management Office (PMO)

I have had the privilege and honour of building and maturing several PMOs in various industries and different competency levels. One thing that I’ve found consistent in building high-performing PMOs is a very focused effort on key principles.

The following is a matrix consisting of what the role of a Project Management Office is — and should be — across 3 phases. A PDF version is also available for download here.

Role of the PMO